Crested Bobwhite Quail  Colinus cristatus

Description          crested

Originally from Central America which includes Panama, Columbia, Venezuela and the north of Brazil. Usually found in open country such as savannah. This species of Bobwhite is extremely rare and I would say not really suitable for somebody starting in quail aviculture as they are very nervous. They need spacious aviaries with plenty of hiding places to retreat to. They also need to be protected from heavy prolonged rain and low temperatures during the winter months.

Aviary size: 4'x4' for a breeding pair.

Egg colour: Pink colour with spots

Eggs are collected daily and marked with the date and breeding pen and then set in a circulated air incubator, the temprature is set at 37.8°c, wet bulb 55%. This I adjust depending on air sack development during the incubation period.

Incubation period: 22-23 days

After hatching the chicks stay in the incubator for at least 12 hours.They are then transferred into a 3'x2' brooder, I use a 60w white lamp for day heat and light and a 60w red fireglow lamp for night heat. The temperature is set at 35°C and reduced by 5°C each week. After 2-3 weeks they get transferred into a 6'x2' brooder with the same heating and light system as above, this is where they stay until they are ready to come off heat altogether usually at about 5-6 weeks.

Food: mixed millet, 20% protein chick crumb, livefood, greenfoods. eg lettuce,cabbage,apples,pears etc

Further information: During the cold winter months the birds are kept in 4'x2' cages indoors with a 60w red heat lamp at one end.

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